Free yourself from the luggage hassle in Copenhagen

Now with airline check-in from cruise
when you disembark in Copenhagen

Also transfer direct to your hotel
from the ship

Luggage service for the
Regal Princess cruise
in Copenhagen

Service A
Check-in at the cruise port

Valid for if you fly with a VALiZO partner airline

Service B
Pick-up your bags at our office in the airport
(all airlines)

Service C
We deliver your bags from your stateroom to your hotel

How it works

– Enjoy Your day without luggage hassle

When you have completed your cruise at Copenhagen Port we give you the freedom to enjoy Copenhagen for a full day without luggage. VALiZO takes care of your luggage and bring it to your desired destionation; hotel, airport or do check-in to your airline.


Choose the service that suites you best
  • Flying out the same day: choose the Airline Service
    • Check-in from port when flying with SAS, Lufthansa, Swiss or Austrian, Air Greenland or Atlantic Airways
    • Other airlines: choose luggage transfer to the Airport; and you collect your bags from from our office in the Terminal
  • Hotel stay in Copenhagen: Choose Hotel Service and we’ll bring your luggage straight from ship to your hotel by 3 pm the same day



Transfer to airport (all airlines)

You disembark on go enjoy Copenhagen. VALiZO take care of your luggage directly form the ship, and bring it to the airport where you pick it up later.

You pick up your luggage at your pre-defined time slot. Our airport office is located at the intersection between terminal 2 & 3, close to all check-in counters.

Click on the map to see the full picture of office location in the airport


  • Place your order via this website or at the Guest Service onboard.
  • Place you order latest by 5 pm three days before port arrival
  • On you order you select a time when you expect to collect your bags at the airport. We will ensure a person is ready with your bags the the selected time

At the port

You leave the ship without further interaction. VALiZO will identify your bags and bring them to the airport

In the airport

In the airport you go to the VALiZO office to collect your bags

  • You will receive instruction to find our office after ordering. You can also locate as this:
    • In terminal 3 take lift next to check-in counter #38, on go to 3rd floor

If you should be delayed you can always call us so we will be ready with your bags when you come.


Luggage transfer to Your Hotel

We’ll bring your luggage from the ship to your hotel while you go and have fun in the city luggage-free.

You just leave the ship and you will meet your luggage again when you check-in at your hotel later.



  • To book your transfer service, please book at this website or via the Guest Service Onboard
  • Please place the VAliZO tag on your luggage, and it will be transported to your hotel
  • Your bags will be waiting for you at the hotel reception by 3 pm

Book latest by 5 pm two days before port arrival in Copenhagen.

At the port

At the port you can just leave the ship. VALiZO will locate you lugagge and bring it to your hotel by 3 pm the same day.

Choose your service

For VALiZO airline partners you can have a full airline check-in at Cruise Port or at your Hotel.

For other airlines choose serve B.

For luggage transfer to your hotel choose servce C.